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Van da Hell Fausto

... besteht den Finnischen Charaktertest mit + 157 Punkten! Fausto ist nun offizieller Deckrüde in Finnland. Wir gratulieren Hanne und Fausto!

Ability to function/ courage: +1, moderate (quite usual in dobermanns, but many get also -1) 
Sharpness: +1 small, without post-attack aggression (He did bark a lot when defending himself)
Desire for defence behavior: +3 medium, controlled (defending me)
Desire for fight (to use jaws) : +2, medium (he fights very well but corrected his bite in the fight)
Nerves: +1, slightly restless (very usual for dobermanns)
Temperament: +3 lively 
Mental hardness: +1 tendency to softness (good for training)
Accessibility: +2a, Accessible, a little bit reserved (after threat he is little reserved to person who threated him)
Safe to gunshots +++
Total +157

Geschrieben am 17.08.2014 um 20:36
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